CompuNet Can Curate VMWare Solutions and Services to Meet Your Specific Multi-Cloud Needs.

VMware Multi-Cloud Solutions

VMware’s multi-cloud solution allows you to consistently manage and govern your environment
across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Discussing migration comes naturally, but
accomplishing the task can be daunting.

The CompuNet engineering and account team begins every VMware Multi-Cloud engagement
by figuring out your specific business challenges and needs and the outcomes you are ultimately
trying to achieve. Based on that discovery process, we take a consultative approach to architect
a multi-cloud solution to fit your goals and needs. Whether that is private cloud, public cloud, or
a mix of both, VMware toolsets play a critical role in solving individual business challenges in our
final design.

CompuNet engineers know that each customer environment is different. VMware is ideal
because it has a flexible and scalable toolset to meet the customer where they are now and
enables them to build towards Multi-Cloud Maturity.

VMware capabilities that allow for a seamless Multi-Cloud Design:

  • Single pane management
  •  Easy entry with functions such as cloud failover
  • Scale into the cloud for DevOps or Container functions
  • Cloud services such as Container as a Service, Database, and data cloud services,
    Serverless or functionless cloud services, etc.
  •  Built-in security across platforms

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