Getting Back to Work Post COVID-19

COVID19 has come, and life as we knew it will be no longer. Necessary shifts in behaviors, social norms, and habits, etc. are coming. Already, “touchless” interactions have been put into place, from buying groceries or a new car, to closing on a mortgage, to ordering take-out. This same reality will likely materialize in the workplace as regions of the country start to “open up” and employees return to the office. More specifically, workplace technology in meeting rooms (where collaboration and interaction are key) will need to evolve to meet the new reality. Conference rooms are the perfect reentry to the post COVID strategy. That’s where CompuNet comes in.

Imagine if you will…

You enter the office and it’s time for your first collaborative meeting post-COVID19. You enter the conference room. Instantly, the room “knows” you are there and the display automatically wakes up. You confirm that you are, in fact, in the right meeting room, as the room display clearly shows the meeting name, organizer, and time slot. Your meeting participants have already arrived either in- person or remotely via Microsoft Teams® or ZoomTM or WebEx conferencing software, or similar. It’s time to kick it off. A few clicks and swipes on your personal device and now you’re sharing your presentation.

All of this happens by simply walking into the room and sharing content from YOUR device. No touching any cable or device, such as a remote, controller, touch screen, etc. – a virtually touchless meeting. CompuNet has a team to make it happen.

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has changed the corporate landscape dramatically. With many employees forced to work from home, video conferencing platforms have become essential alternatives to face-to-face meetings. Vendors across the technology spectrum have responded to the predicament by offering their cloud conferencing solutions for free, or by expanding the functionality of their existing free versions with more advance capabilities.

CompuNet represents several hardware and software providers with solutions to your Hybrid-Workplace needs.

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