Getting the most out of your SD-WAN Transformation

Many customers engage with the CompuNet engineering team with a plan to leverage an SD-WAN solution in their organization, due to the solution’s ability to increase network flexibility, optimize performance, and scale with changes in business requirements.

The biggest challenge facing those customers is deciding which SD-WAN solution is best for them based on several factors; how they’re going to deploy and integrate it into their network, organizational adoption, and end-user training.

Helping Customers Make the Best Decision

The first concern most customers have is choosing the right SD-WAN solution for their unique business needs. CompuNet SD-WAN engineers make it a point to listen to their customers’ needs and expectations so they can help them uncover the best solution for their business.

CompuNet engineers have been through very comprehensive training and are certified by Cisco, ensuring that a customer’s SD-WAN transformation is done correctly the first time. CompuNet engineers are trained to walk a customer through a demo or spin up a POC, allowing customers to see the solution in action so they can be confident in their final choice.

Designing a Solution for Your Business Needs

As an engineer-led company, designing, implementing, and supporting solutions is what the CompuNet team is best at. CompuNet’s engineering goals include the design of a solution that fits their customers’ networking needs and delivers the valuable ROI they expect. Additionally, our engineers will conduct in-depth assessments to examine the entire network—including circuits, equipment, and processes—and provide customers with a delivery process that is complete, which allows the customer to eliminate unexpected surprises.

Streamlining Adoption

User adoption can sometimes be tricky that’s why CompuNet provides user-training and adoption services to get end-users over the rough patch of learning new technology. CompuNet engineers will work directly with a customer’s user base to answer any questions they may have and make sure they’re comfortable with the products and processes involved in the solution. At any point in the SD-WAN adoption process, CompuNet is there to ensure the questions and problems are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Our Partnership

As a trusted advisor, CompuNet’s support of its customers does not end once the solution is up and running. The entire CompuNet team is committed to being there before, during, and after a solution deployment to ensure that questions are addressed on the customer’s schedule. CompuNet strives to be constantly accessible in order to answer a question, address a problem, and provide the greatest level of technical support available.

To learn more about CompuNet’s Cisco SD-WAN offering, check out this video. contact CompuNet today to get the answer to any SD-WAN questions or schedule a demo.