Safeguarding Private Data in the Public Sector and Education

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, along with state and local governments, had been high-profile targets that were susceptible to ransomware campaigns and data breaches, targeting the theft and disruption of important student and constituent information.

This threat has only been exacerbated by the number of computer users—elementary and higher ed students and government employees—making their homes their new workspaces. With the strain of digital classrooms and digital workspaces compromising many organizations’ legacy infrastructures, it’s not surprising that the number of successful attacks continues to rise, causing great frustration to the IT security professionals tasked with stopping them.

Many of these traditional infrastructures rely on the use of disparate products—that may or may not work optimally together—and manual workflows to manage thousands of security alerts. This challenge can lead to an uphill battle that forces IT personnel to play catch-up, rather than proactively addressing security issues and possibly stopping attacks before they occur.

Exponentially Secure

We understand the struggles that IT leaders in education and the public sector are facing each day. That’s why we believe in taking a tactical approach to information security, providing our customers with integrated solutions that align to the highest security standards, providing the protection they can trust.

When using individual products that loosely tie together, customers are faced with overcomplicated and gapped security solutions. This won’t provide the level of protection needed to combat today’s threats. To combat the attacks we face today, we must deploy a connected security infrastructure, like the security portfolio enabled by Cisco SecureX. Cisco SecureX is a cloud-native platform experience that’s built into every Cisco Secure product and connects Cisco’s security portfolio with your security infrastructure to improve visibility, automate workflows, improve team collaboration, and protect the data and resources that are important to your organization.

Since information security impacts every aspect of public sector agencies and educational institutions, it’s important to have a security solution that is tailored, designed, and built to work with your other Cisco solutions. Additionally, CompuNet leverages the Center for Information Security’s Critical Security Control framework and other industry best practices, combined with our decades of experience, to deliver a security solution that provides the amount of protection that our customers expect.

With Cisco SecureX you can:

  • Set up in just 15 minutes
  • Quickly identify and mitigate threats to remain confidently compliant
  • Save time by orchestrating and automating security across teams
  • Accelerate time to value to get more out of all your Cisco investments

Trusted Security Experts

CompuNet is an engineering-led company, and we have the knowledge, experience, and certifications to tackle the most complex IT security and networking problems. At CompuNet, we specialize in modernizing infrastructure and applications to meet the ever-changing demands of our public sector customers, knowing that keeping them safe, keeps us all safe.

With the growing demands of distance learning for students of all ages, we focus on providing educational institutions with the security infrastructure they need to help students, educators, and parents, who are trying every day to excel. We also provide many of these solutions through the E-rate program.

CompuNet is very serious about securing the resources that are extremely important to our public sector customers and users.  By utilizing solutions such as Cisco SecureX, we can help your organization focus on the truly important public services—teaching, governing, and providing for your citizens, securely. To learn more about how CompuNet and SecureX can help your agency or institution, check out our new video.

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