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New to cloud?
Are you interested in an initial foray into the cloud?  Our workload placement specialists can help you identify the right workloads for cloud starting with assessing your environment and helping you to develop a migration strategy to move some or all of your applications to the cloud, depending upon your organizational requirements.  Importantly, we can help you build the solid foundation of architecture, security, cost controls, and governance to ensure that your environment meets your organization’s goals, objectives, and requirements on the right cloud, at the right time, for the right price!



Inheriting Cloud?

CompuNet can help infrastructure teams who are inheriting public cloud environments from their developer teams.  Some are intimidated by learning the new architecture, but CompuNet’s cloud architects can help by teaching you to fish. We will help you put best-of-breed fundamentals in place in redesigning your infrastructure for cost and operational efficiencies.  We can help you preserve the agility and freedom that the dev team demands, yet put cost, security, and governance controls in place to meet your organization’s requirements. 

Cloud Sprawl?
In many of today’s organization’s who have explored cloud for various workloads to meet the demand of the digital business, we find their cloud environments have bloated and often times the spend is getting out of control.  On top of that, the expected governance, security and reporting controls are just not in place.  CompuNet has specific tools and specialists to help bring it all back under control.  Let us show you what we can do to help.

data center cloud 02Cloud Veteran?
Does your team need a fresh set of eyes, from a team that has developed and supported a wide variety of cloud environments from a wide variety of organizations?  Or perhaps you have wondered if your workloads would perform better or cost you less on other clouds.  Our agnostic workload placement specialists will help you assess, provide proof of concept and quoting for multiple leading Cloud providers.

Or, if you are happy with your provider but just need a sanity check, our team of cloud architects and billing specialists will help you assess and optimize your environment for adherence to best-practices for cost and architecture optimization.  We can help you train new employees in taking over the management of your environment.  We can assist you in putting cost, governance, and security controls in place.

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, it is our goal to be your partner and help you along on your way to success.  Our team of workload placement specialists have developed relationships with all of the leading cloud providers, and we can help you assess each of them in relation to your workloads and your organizational needs.  Our team can help you put the cost, security, and governance controls in place to optimize your cloud environment.


Our top Cloud Partners
Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, DataPipe, Rackspace, Equinix, ViaWest, Involta, Chef, VMware, Cisco, CliQr, Puppet

About Compunet

CompuNet was founded in Grangeville, Idaho and now operates in the Western United States and headquartered in Boise, Idaho. We strive to understand our clients’ business needs, engineer IT solutions that precisely fit those needs, and deploy those solutions on time and on budget.  We architect technology solutions that help companies solve their business problems.

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