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Remote Worker Solutions


Ready to make your business boundless and borderless by empowering users with access to any application, on any device, from anywhere? We can help you to simply and securely deliver Windows desktops, applications, and online services to end users across virtual data centers, virtual machines, and physical devices. We can also work with you to provision and manage your corporate data and applications on mobile devices as well as the devices themselves, boosting productivity without sacrificing security.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity


Virtually every organization fears data loss and system errors. Yet those problems are increasingly probable as transaction processing becomes more complex and more reliant on multiple data stores and network services. Today’s rapidly changing technologies such as the cloud, evolving relational and non-relational databases, and increased data volumes and storage requirements all contribute to back-end complexity, making disaster recovery and business continuity even more important. We can help you design and deploy disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that protect your business and your customers.


Transform Your Data Center into a Value Center

Data centers are experiencing tremendous change. They are transitioning from simply operating siloed physical infrastructure to delivering IT as a service. As part of this transformation, resources are becoming more and more virtualized, infrastructure is converging, and some critical functions are moving to the public cloud. And now that business units are realizing that tangible insights can be drawn from synthesizing disparate data, all of your data is much more valuable.

But the path to tomorrow’s data center isn’t always smooth. While you may want to install new solutions in a hosted space or move them to the cloud, you may have substantial investments tied up in legacy sites and infrastructure. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help. CompuNet’s consultants, IT architects, and highly experienced engineers can help you create a roadmap for your private data center that will bring you piece of mind and create maximum value for your infrastructure investments.

Are you ready to transform your data center into a value center?
Your data center. Your way.


data center cloud 02Every data center, like every organization, is different. We can help you plot a course that’s right for your organization and your technical and business requirements.

Private and Hybrid Cloud

If you need to deliver IT services on demand without compromising security, performance, availability, or flexibility, CompuNet can help you do all this and more. We can help determine what kind of cloud model—private, or hybrid cloud —is right for you, and how to build. 

Converged and Hyper-converged Infrastructure


Historically, to keep pace with the growth of business applications and the terabytes of data they generate, IT resources were deployed in a silo-like fashion with one set of resources has been devoted to one particular computing technology, business application or line of business.  These resources support a single set of assumptions and cannot be optimized or reconfigured to support varying usage loads.

The proliferation of IT sprawl in data centers has contributed to rising operations costs, reducing productivity, and stifling agility and flexibility. Maintenance and operations can consume two-thirds of an organization’s technology budget. That leaves just a third of the budget for new IT initiatives. This ratio prevents IT from supporting new business initiatives or responding to real application demands.

A converged infrastructure addresses the problem of siloed architectures and IT sprawl by pooling and sharing IT resources. Rather than dedicating a set of resources to a particular computing technology, application or line of business, converged infrastructure creates a pool of virtualized servers, storage and networking capacity that is shared by multiple applications and lines of business.  CompuNet has partnered with leading converged and hyper-converged infrastructure partners to best meet your goals for optimization of your infrastructure.


Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)


In an SDDC, all aspects of your infrastructure are abstracted and processes are automated. It combines the intelligence of individual components into a cohesive, unified operating environment that can be delivered as a service back to the organization. An SDDC can integrate legacy infrastructure with new emerging technologies. We can help you create a software-defined strategy, including software-defined storage, networking, and computing resources, to protect past investments while speeding your journey to the cloud.

data center cloud 03On-Premise Infrastructure


While many IT organizations are outsourcing all or part of their infrastructure to become more agile, most businesses still maintain physical data centers and equipment for a host of reasons—from security, business continuity, and compliance demands to intellectual property or performance concerns. We can help you modernize your complete infrastructure, including servers, storage, networking, and backup solutions, to maximize performance and minimize costs.

Hybrid Cloud


Moving from a static, traditional infrastructure to a on-demand consumption model of IT focused on workload optimization can profoundly change your ability to respond to your organizational needs and CompuNet can help you transform your existing data center to IT as a Service utilizing one of several leading software stacks depending on your needs.


data center cloud 04Data Center Automation and Orchestration 

Automating repetitive tasks is the surest way to become more responsive to your organization.  With our systems architects, leading software partnerships, and proven methods, we’re ideally situated to help you engineer data center automation strategies


Our infrastructure ecosystem partners
We work with a broad range of strategic partners to bring you today’s most advanced technology. They include:

Cisco . Dell EMC . Pure Storage . VMware . VCE . APC . NetApp . Citrix . Veeam

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