network mobility 01Network solutions that accelerate enterprise mobility

How people work is changing fast. Employees are wanting to work from any device, anywhere, and at anytime. Business users are demanding more apps on more devices and faster, more pervasive Wi-Fi, and you’re committed to making it happen.

But making it happen isn’t going to be easy. All the apps your users want to access—the lifeblood of your organization—run over your network infrastructure. You’ll need to adopt network-centric solutions for mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), and keep it all secure. In other words, you need managed mobility.

Fortunately, CompuNet can help. Our engineers can help evolve your network infrastructure to deliver fast and secure managed mobility to your workforce.

Managed mobility is good for business and good for IT
It all starts with your network.

network mobility 02Your enterprise network is essential to creating a high-quality mobile experience for your people. We can help you implement network infrastructure to support mobility without increasing risk or costs. Here are just a few of the areas where we can help:

Switches & routers

There are plenty of great networking devices on the market, but not all of them are right for you. We can help you assess your needs, evaluate available hardware in your price range, and choose the solution that’s best for you. We can also help you test and deploy it. Our expertise includes software defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions that let you deliver an optimal experience over any connection while proactively controlling costs.

network mobility 03Mobility management

We strongly believe that mobility should be actively managed, and we recommend our customers adopt an enterprise mobility management (EMM) strategy. A good EMM strategy, which may integrate MDM, MAM, and mobile information management (MIM), can help you secure employee devices and business data while delivering a better mobile user experience.


Wi-Fi is one of our specialties. We develop, deliver, and optimize IEEE 802.11ac/b/g/n wireless LANs to maximize performance, security, and compliance. We use advanced design and planning tools along with a design-focused methodology to ensure that your wireless network can meet the needs of demanding wireless network applications, deliver outstanding performance in the most challenging RF environments, and easily support your entire user base. In other words, we help you deliver blazing-fast wireless.

Our network infrastructure ecosystem partners
We work with a broad range of strategic partners to bring you today’s most advanced networking hardware, software, and solutions. They include:

Cisco, ExtraHop, Gigamon, Cisco Meraki


How you can benefit from


Our network infrastructure solutions are designed to help you evolve your network to better support your business. They can help you:

- Improve application and IT service
   performance across your business

- Deliver secure, mobile access to
   business-critical apps and data

- Dramatically improve the user

- Offer faster Wi-Fi to employees,
   partners, and customers

- Reduce network management
   costs by choosing the right

- Prevent downtime and related
   business impacts


About Compunet

CompuNet was founded in Grangeville, Idaho and now operates in the Western United States and headquartered in Boise, Idaho. We strive to understand our clients’ business needs, engineer IT solutions that precisely fit those needs, and deploy those solutions on time and on budget.  We architect technology solutions that help companies solve their business problems.