security padlockMay 28, 2020
12:00 Noon - 2:00 PM MDT

How Much Do You Trust Your Directory Services?? Webinar - Every day, organizations transact business using administrative accounts, file access based on user permissions, and remote access to critical resources. The high volume of these transactions are often trusted that the user has the permissions that he is supposed to have. Unfortunately, the threat actors are extremely skilled at utilizing credentials obtained from breach incidents to impersonate legitimate users that have far more permissions than was ever intended. Often, these account have Local or Global Administrative permissions that should not have been assigned and the threat actor is able to gain access to far more consoles and data files than was ever intended. IT departments are far too busy to manually audit their directory service sources and that challenge is growing even further with the heavy adoption of Active Directory, multiple LDAP sources, and cloud-based directories such as Azure-AD. Often, IT leadership is forced to “hope” that their directories are correctly configured, which is never a method that a CISO wants to use to feel secure at night. This is where Varonis shines. Varonis has multiple solutions available to customers that will automate and assist in administering the cleanup, managing the directories on premise and in the cloud, and ensuring that end-users only have permission to access administrative consoles that are required to do the assigned tasks. Additionally, using one central console, IT departments can also determine where data files are stored, who has access to them, and manage that access to meet business needs, whether those files sit in an on-premise storage locations, Office 365, or other cloud storage areas. This free training will cover the Varonis DatAdvantage and Data Security platforms, how easy they are to manage, and how organizations will benefit from the solutions to meet compliance and security framework requirements. Varonis is a key component to organizations meeting the Cyber Hygiene components of the CIS Security Controls, as well as other compliance guidelines such as GDPR, NIST, and PCI.  FOR MORE INFORMATION - REGISTER HERE

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