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Enterprise Networking technologies are evolving at an exceptional rate to keep up with customer needs to support complex datacenter environments, cloud centric applications, and mobile workforces.

The amount of available technologies positioned to meet these needs can be overwhelming to evaluate, design, and implement by IT personnel that are already stretched with advanced job duties. 

This is where CompuNet excels.  CompuNet’s “Engineering-Led” model enables customers to engage with extremely knowledgeable architects and engineers with a true passion for network design and implementation.  CompuNet truly understands customer needs and will match the appropriate solution to completely meet the requirements, as well as providing all the services required to implement the solution within the customer’s timelines and ensuring that the customer’s goals are fully satisfied.


Making wireless easy.

Whether your business is looking for a single access point for a breakroom or a full scale Enterprise wireless deployment, CompuNet wireless engineers have you covered. CompuNet has the knowledge and expertise to design every aspect of your wireless deployment, from the required wireless coverage, to the security and segmentation needed to ensure your organization’s goals are fully met. CompuNet engineers have the ability to thoroughly analyze every need of your organization’s wireless network, design the right solution for your needs, and implement the design so every expected business outcome is reached.

Creating a custom and secure network design to fit your needs.

The network solutions required by today’s customer environments go far beyond the traditional models of years ago. Organizations previously relied on flat or traditional VLAN networks to simplify operations and ensure connectivity. However, the landscape of today requires more complexity and flexibility to ensure proper separation and segmentation that today’s environments must meet for compliancy and security reasons. CompuNet engineers are truly advanced in this respect, as our engineers design networking solutions with manageability and security in mind from the beginning, ensuring that customers do not have to radically change designs later to meet future needs.

Providing network management solutions you can administer how you need, from anywhere, at anytime.

In many situations, today’s customer environments are geographically dispersed across large distances in order to minimize service disruptions due to environmental or local-issues, such as natural disasters and regionalized power outages. Additionally, add in the need for remote management of those resources from insecure environments like coffee shops and airports and organizations often connect through unreliable and unstable connections in order to keep systems running. Physical access to equipment is no longer a reality for many organizations. CompuNet engineers have a solution. With the amount of today’s workforce remotely supporting data centers across the globe, CompuNet can design and implement solutions that will allow IT staff to configure, control, and physically maintain equipment from anywhere they are required to work from, without compromising security or reliability.

Giving you the insight and analytics so you can ensure network operability and stability.

Application delivery is more important today than ever before. The amount of time and resources being spent on advanced applications and Dev-Ops can put a large strain on IT Network staff that are constantly expected to ensure application performance and troubleshoot where a slowdown or outage is occurring. CompuNet engineers have the knowledge and solutions available to ensure that the IT staff can instantly pinpoint where an application issue occurs and whether the problem is due to an issue in the network equipment or the application and its associated hardware. Additionally, CompuNet engineers can review the exact analytics and reporting needed by the organization and recommend solutions that will allow the organization to fully-utilize their network for business needs and turn the network into a profit center instead of a financial burden.

Securing your network against unwanted outages and finding the right tools for consuming data.

Today’s customer environments are being asked to support more security and service-delivery tools than ever before. The steady influx of inline tools are causing organizations to create multiple failure points and causing excessive network outages due to tool replacement and upgrades as well as . Additionally, out-of-band tools are maxing out the amount of SPAN ports needed to properly get traffic back to the tools that need to analyze the data. Due to the complexities and protocols needed to address both of these needs with native network components, customers are finding that they have dark spots in their network coverage, which causes tools to improperly report and diagnose issues. CompuNet engineers can work with IT teams to identify all the tools that are requiring network data, the exact protocols and traffic that each tool needs, and how those tools best consume the data. Armed with that information, CompuNet’s engineers will recommend a Tapping / Monitoring solution that will address both current and future needs.

After you choose an SD-WAN Solution... what’s next?

IT teams are being asked to deliver more services and network connectivity than ever before. Additionally, organizations are rapidly adopting cloud technologies to maintain business performance and scalability. Both of these needs are becoming more difficult every day, as the amount of work and required knowledge levels far exceed the ability to hire personnel. In many instances, network automation and software-defined network components are required to meet business requirements. CompuNet engineers have the experience in delivering Enterprise-grade solutions for customers using the latest in automation technologies available, allowing customers to meet business needs without the requirement to hire large amounts of staff.