Room Experience

What Are We All About?

The Room Experience team is committed to helping our customers create new and more productive ways to work using the latest trends in Audio Visual technologies. We partner with your team to design a workplace experience that’s fits your unique business needs.

We believe integrated media solutions will provide the foundation for tomorrow’s work experience. CompuNet’s engineers can help you choose, configure and deploy solutions that will get you there.

What We Do:

Help bring remote teams together through telepresence technologies.

Allow teams to communicate more efficiently with customers and other team members.

Help convey your organization's message to customers through modern digital signage.

Create and transform rooms. Typical courtrooms, classrooms, boardrooms, training rooms and huddle spaces turn into more effective, modern and enhanced user spaces.

Improve video and audio conferencing with quality audio, sound masking and clear visuals.

Incorporate and construct automation into on-premises systems using cloud-based solutions.

Solutions Provided:

Video Conferencing is the new way of life.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions. In today’s world, video conferencing is the new way of life. Our engineers can help you fully integrate video into your collaborative workplace environment, on-site and remote.

Design and deploy a customized experience that meets your needs.

Every business is different. By creating an integrated workplace experience that’s consistent with your organization’s culture and work style, you can allow team members to collaborate more effectively, increase engagement, and ensure consistency between teams. We can help you design and deploy an experience that’s just right for your objectives, your people, and your budget.

Revolutionizing remote and on-the-go workspaces.

Mobility is a fact of life. People are doing more work on their smart phones and other mobile devices. Allowing you to fully participate in video conferences and other collaborative activities while being mobile can dramatically improve productivity. We can help you incorporate mobility into your work experience and turn mobile endpoints into collaborative endpoints.

Connecting your communications platform with all endpoints and applications.

Endpoints and applications are multiplying at an unprecedented rate within organizations. While all these solutions help people get more done, they are even more powerful when they are linked to your organization’s main communications platforms. Our engineers can help you integrate endpoints and applications into your collaborative workplace.

Modernize your rooms to enhance your users experience.

The meeting room of the future is much more than just a room. It’s a multimedia collaboration place, wired for HD presentation, streaming media, video capture, video conferencing and more. We have extensive experience configuring and deploying state-of-the-art meeting room technologies for every space.