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The Modern Applications Group (MAG) at CompuNet. Today’s applications are changing the way business gets done. Software combined with Cloud Services has made it possible to secure access to our data in physical, mobile and virtual environments. We engage with vendors whose tools have a significant impact on business outcomes. Line-of-business applications, workplace productivity and understanding the licensing landscape are all part of the consultative skill set that we employ.

How To Buy Azure: Here's What You Need To Know

Microsoft Azure is a monthly subscription. It offers you the flexibility to predict your monthly spend and optimize your workloads with modern cloud computing.

CSP vs EA: No More 3 Year Commitments. Buy What You Want, When You Need It

CSP’s or Cloud Solution Providers work side-by-side with you to help match the best cloud solution to your business requirements. EA’s or Enterprise Agreements offer you savings that can be spread out over a period of time. Helping you get what you need now.

How To Buy M365: The Best Way To Control When You Deploy Your Apps

M365 can help transform the way you do business by bringing team members together, streamlining business processes and ensuring your endpoints are protected.

Microsoft Funding: What is it? how does it work?

Microsoft offers a range of programs to invest in their customers success by decreasing the cost of common explorative engagements used to evaluate IT solutions and deployment engagements to support end user adoption. Each program focuses on a set of Microsoft products including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EM+S), and Teams. Different programs target different types of activities. Customer eligibility varies by size and segment. If you qualify for these programs, CompuNet can request funds on your behalf to support key activities with you to accelerate your digital transformation around Applications and Infrastructure, Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Modern Workplace, and Business Applications. The details of these programs change from year to year. Common activities we engage with our clients on include cloud workshops, proofs of concept, Architecture Design Sessions, Security briefings/CISO Workshops, and deployment and migration assistance.

Kat DeBrino

Business Support Specialist

Rob Husted

Business Development Director of Engineering

Serge Eslahi

Technical Sales Specialist

Jerryn Bunnell

Principal Engineer

Microsoft is providing the most robust solutions for Enterprise Applications. Let's work together to see what fits for you.

Microsoft 365


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New Microsoft Workshop Offer!

CompuNet's Microsoft Teams Planning and Adoption Workshop is a modular engagement to help define your business priorities and scenarios that drive hybrid work

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