Physical Security

The Smart Way to Protect and Provide.

What Are We All About?

Security is always too much….until it’s not enough!

Let us help you understand the ROI and TCO to a solution that fits your needs.

Another strong element that CompuNet has to offer is Physical Security. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we are here to listen and provide a solution that helps solve your business needs in securing, managing, and auditing your physical security activity.

What We Do:

Relationship & Support

We understand the importance of safeguarding your investments, people and resources. Our team will continue to listen, consult, design, deploy and support your business today and in the future.

Experienced Engineers

Our certified and dependable engineers understand the industry and the technology needed to keep your team, properties and resources protected.

Enterprise Unified Solution

We can analyze your existing infrastructure and ensure it is reliable, scalable and prepared for your company’s future growth. A unified solution will provide you with ease of use and ease of management.

Solutions Provided:

Allowing you to keep an eye on the people and things that are important to you.

Utilizing industry leading manufacturers and vendors, unified software, and open architecture, you can view, store, and manage video data from anywhere. You can utilize this data to generate important notifications and provide reports.

CompuNet Engineering can help you design, install, upgrade existing systems and continue to support you and your monitoring system investments.

Helping you identify and protect your resources.

Utilizing industry leading manufacturers and vendors, unified software, and open architecture, you can create, control, and report (audit) on doors and cardholders.

Our team’s top priority is to ensure the protection and safety of your resources. We want to make sure you have the right equipment in place so your properties, assets and above all, your people are protected.

Safeguarding your property, people and assets with greater security and protection.

Utilizing audio (and video) to provide communication at a location to help with security and access. In most cases you can leverage your existing telecommunication infrastructure or integrate into your security platform for flexibility and real-time response to provide access control.

Knowing who and why guests are entering your premises is a main concern for many businesses. Simply having a visible communications system can deter unwanted guests. Many regulation guidelines also recommend logging and monitoring of visitors to help ensure the safety of workers and guests.

Providing you information to identify and protect your communities and properties.

Leverage LPR for identification and notification through a hotlist. Or, utilizing as a credential for access control. CompuNet Engineers are well versed in LPR technology. Whether you need to extend the perimeter of your security system, enforce parking regulations and protect your community, having the right LPR system can help achieve these needs.

Providing customized and expert level support for all your security needs.

CompuNet is here to support you at whatever turn in the road you are facing. Whether it’s on an as need basis, or through an agreed upon contract, we will be here for you. It’s your piece of mind.

The CompuNet PhySec team is willing to listen and understand your unique requirements. We believe in securing your environment through site and action. Our team can help leverage your IT infrastructure along with a unified platform to provide a complete solution that meets your needs.