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At CompuNet, we specialize in modernizing infrastructure and applications to meet the demands of our citizens all while securing data to keep us safe. Our proven approach of an engineering led company gives our clients the confidence and peace of mind that projects are completed on time and on budget.

CompuNet is a member of many national and regional procurement cooperatives such as NASPO Value Point, GSA, NCPA, OETC.

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CompuNet understands the ever-changing learning environment and student engagement challenges faced by todays educators. We offer services to enable success by offering distance learning solutions, wireless infrastructure, high speed networks, hosted collaboration as well as many other education focused offerings. CompuNet can also provide many of these solutions through the E-rate program.

Delivering education content in a seamless manner.

In today’s landscape, distance learning is more prevalent than ever. Houses have become classrooms and parents have become teachers, which has become a challenging learning environment where resources may be limited. Traditional college classrooms and labs have become digital classrooms putting a strain on current and legacy infrastructure.

Our talented engineering experts will help modernize your infrastructure and provide educational content in a seamless way no matter when and where the students may be.

Providing reliable access to learning resources and better user experiences.

Wireless is an expectation of today’s students, which makes the user experience critical. Books and other learning materials have gone digital requiring more and more bandwidth and density. Some schools have adopted outdoor wireless solutions to adhere to social distancing guidelines and provide internet access for those that do not have home internet access.

CompuNet engineers will help in the designing and implementation of indoor and outdoor wireless solutions that provide reliable access to learning resources for an enhanced user experience.

Connecting students, teachers and parents through quality voice, video and virtual meeting solutions.

Deciding on the right hosted collaboration solution can be challenging. CompuNet is a market leader for hosted collaboration services such as voice, video and virtual meeting solutions from leading manufacturers. Whether it’s to enhance distance learning by extending an instructor’s expertise by video, interactive collaboration meetings between parents, students and teachers conducted virtually from home or school. With little to no on-premise infrastructure requirements institutions can take full advantage of cloud-based collaborative solutions while minimizing the IT strain of day-to-day operations.

CompuNet will design you a solution to meet the unique needs of school districts and universities to maintain a reliable and accessible learning environment.

Helping educational institutions provide and maintain the right solutions to fully support students.

Simply put, the 1:1 Initiative means each student will have access to a school issued device to help support their learning. Previously, schools would require students to provide their own devices or BYOD.

Devices that are commonly used for young students include tablets. Older students are being equipped with laptops, namely Chromebooks. Higher education’s students still follow the BYOD approach, with laptops accessible in campus libraries.

Providing each student with a device helps guarantee equal access, easy device management and ability to monitor learning trends. Students with access to technology can better collaborate with other students and their teachers.

Recent world events have led to distance learning and the abundant need for all students to have access to technology that not only supports their continued education but connects them to their classmates and teachers.

CompuNet offers you the support for the 1:1 Initiatives with high speed wireless networks and security.