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Reenergize Application Modernization and Secure Cloud and API Landscapes

Reenergize Application Modernization and Secure Cloud and API Landscapes

Paving the way for growth, you are likely part of the fifty-eight percent of organizations that rely on digital services to derive at least half of their revenue.1 However, before the revenue can be unearthed with the highest possible returns, your apps must be well-engineered to take advantage of the latest technologies and innovations to deliver the digital services your customers and users expect.

As you construct your modern app landscape, you will experience new cloud and edge deployments. The introduction of APIs will also follow for essential intercommunication among apps, components, and other services. This journey often leads to a multi-cloud environment enabled by siloed tech stacks and disparate tools tailored to each cloud, leaving most (85%) organizations operating multiple app architectures and locations.2

Modernized Apps Can Create New Issues

Many organizations struggle to identify a starting point for their transformation. But, if you’ve found a place to start, there’s a good chance your multi-cloud path to modernized apps is accompanied by operational complexity and a vague API layer that’s hard to manage and secure.

A lack of visibility creates additional risks, and inconsistent policies and controls introduce additional vulnerabilities. Getting everything to communicate and work seamlessly together in a poorly engineered cloud environment is a massive effort, especially if you lack in-house skills for multi-cloud infrastructure and security management.

CALLOUT: 85% of organizations face the challenge of managing and securing modern and traditional apps and over one-third struggle to apply consistent security policies across apps.3

Your modernized applications can create several issues, including:

  • Connecting diverse environments: 43% of organizations deploy apps to four or more environments.4
  • Inconsistent security across environments: 36% of organizations named this a top multi-cloud challenge.5
  • API management and security: Fewer than half of enterprise APIs will be managed by 2025.6
  • Exploited API weaknesses: Breaches often start from a forgotten API.7

The ultimate vision for app modernization is to pair each workload with the best-fit cloud without introducing more complexity or risk. To maintain this freedom of choice, organizations must solve the multi-cloud connectivity and API security problems so apps and services can safely operate and interact, no matter where they run.

Adopt a Blueprint for App Modernization Success

Successful application modernization includes placing each workload in its optimal location, whether that’s a public or private cloud, an edge site, or an on-premises data center. Together, CompuNet and F5 bring the needed cloud, application, and security expertise to the table from day one to help you:

  • Secure and connect your cloud environments
  • Protect the health and availability of applications
  • Close security gaps at the API layer 
  • Reduce complexity and eliminate dependencies on proprietary cloud tools
  • Enforce consistent, policy-based security and networking from end to end

CompuNet and F5 can help create a safe, secure, and reliable destination for all your workloads, so you can:

  • Reduce the complexity and costs of managing your multi-cloud landscape
  • Deploy new services and capabilities with confidence and compliance
  • Accelerate app and API modernization and time-to-cloud value
  • Maximize opportunities for quick ROI and create a foundation for long-term success

Fast-Track Intelligent, Secure App Modernization with CompuNet and F5

Work with the CompuNet Application Architecture Team and F5 Distributed Cloud Services to unify security and multi-cloud connectivity across your edge and cloud locations, all with a single SaaS platform. Remove the multi-cloud struggle and gain the freedom to deploy secure, modern apps where they need to run to meet all your business, technology, security, and compliance requirements.

CompuNet has developed reference architectures to accelerate outcomes with F5 Distributed Cloud Services solutions. Overviews are available:

Reach out to us to learn more and reenergize your app modernization for a secure, successful cloud journey.


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