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Today’s applications are changing the way business gets done. Software combined with cloud services has made it possible to secure access to our data in physical, mobile and virtual environments at scale that most budgets could not achieve in the recent past. We engage with Microsoft technologies and tools that have a significant impact on business outcomes.


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Business Cloud Enabled Outcomes, not Cloud Defined Business Process

The cloud provides an infrastructure for applications and services without up-front costs. With proven methodologies for new deployments, migrations and hybrid models, cloud adoption continues to grow rapidly.


Audio Conferencing with Dial-out Microsoft Teams

With the recent rise in employees working from home, we’ve received many questions from our clients about adding Audio Conferencing.


Industry Specific Expertise

Industry specific expertise means knowing not just the relevant technology, but the cross-functional needs of an organization. Deploying Azure and Microsoft 365 stems from a deep understanding of Active Directory and the concepts of application architecture, networking, security, authentication, identity, and federated services. This expertise has been developed from our history of engaging with customers to properly plan and implement Microsoft solutions on-premises over more than two decades in every vertical. Additionally, our background as IT Operations leaders provide a perspective beyond simply licensing a product. Many of our customers find that having a discovery call with our migration team is the point at which they make the decision to work with CompuNet. It is knowing the questions to ask that sets CompuNet apart.

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Jerryn Bunnell

Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Architect

Alex Hughes

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect

Adam Eldred

Microsoft Security Architect

Nathan Dunlap

Microsoft Principal Engineer