Modernizing Data Security: Protecting Data and All Paths to it

Data. One simple word that is changing the way companies are doing business today. Whether your business is utilizing data for advanced analytics around customer purchases or greatly enhancing the applications you support, data is both critical and needs to be secured.

This has become increasingly difficult as data moves from on-premises datacenters to the cloud. For more information, please enjoy this IDG webcast and hear from Jeremy Pierson, Program Architect for CompuNet’s Secure Enterprise practice, along with Terry Ray, Senior VP and Imperva Fellow, as they discuss today’s security challenges and the modern requirements for data security, including:

  • The impact of digital transformation on security – beyond the move to cloud
  • Imperva’s security solutions that take a data-centric approach to reduce risk, protect data from threats and prove compliance.
  • CompuNet’s standards and best practices for managing and securing your data, regardless of type or location.